Hair Growth Guarantee

If you do not see any results, we will give you reimburse you.

Growing hair and slowing down hair loss is a process, not an overnight phenomenon. Increased Hair growth can vary greatly from person to person. While some might react effectively to the active ingredients, others may experience slower results.

You qualify for our Hair Growth Guarantee if you have used our products as recommended for 150 days in a row.

The Hair Growth Guarantee can only be claimed once per customer.

Growth Guarantee

Follow these 4 simple steps to claim the Hair Growth Guarantee and receive your preferred reimbursement.

Growth Guaranteen kan kun benyttes én gang.
Brug The Hair Growth Kit i mindst 150 dage, uden pause.
Fremlæg fotodokumentation fra før og efter, du har brugt sættet.
Igen resultater? Udfyld formularen, og vælg din foretrukne refunderingsmulighed.

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