Dye Hard

Argan oil-infused Beard Dye. Complete coverage in three easy steps.

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Dye Hard

The Kit includes


Made without ammonia, parabens, or silicones for a gentle application.

Color Cream

Two color options, delivering vibrant, fuller, and long-lasting coverage.

Protective gloves

High-grade latex gloves securing spotless hands

Reusable Doy Bag

Protective and reusable bag with high-grade zip lock


Which shade fits my beard?

Dye Hard is available in two shades: Dye Hard 01 and Dye Hard 02. Choose your starting point below:

Light Blonde

Choose: Dye Hard 01

Red Blonde

Choose: Dye Hard 01

Dark Blonde

Choose: Dye Hard 01

Light Brown

Choose: Dye Hard 02

Dark Brown

Choose: Dye Hard 02

Grey Tones

Choose: Dye Hard 02


Choose: Dye Hard 02


Results after one application


Marcus wanted to increase the volume of his beard.

Beard Dye 02 (15 min)

Morten wanted to increase volume and cover grey hairs.

Beard Dye 01 (15 min)

Kenneth wanted to fight grey hairs.

More than a feeling

Dye Hard facts

10-15 minute treatment: Leave it in for 15 minutes if you are looking for a deeper color.
Vellus Hair safe: Designed to be used alongside The Beard Growth Kit.
2 shades cover all: Obtain 4-6 weeks of full coverage with a natural look.
Argan oil-formulated: The soothing formulation provides a soft and nourished beard with every application.

dye hard

See it in action

How to guide

How to use Dye Hard

Mix it up
Wash it out

Step 1: Begin by wearing the provided gloves for protection.

Step 2: Remove the screw top from the Beard Color Cream tube and puncture the tip.

Step 3: Squeeze the entire contents of the Beard Color Cream into the applicator bottle containing the Color Developer.

Step 4: Twist the cap securely back onto the applicator bottle and shake it thoroughly to ensure the Beard Color Cream and Color Developer are mixed together. Caution: Pressure may build up, so be cautious when opening the bottle and breaking off the tip.

More than a feeling

Effective ingredients, mild on your skin and Beard

Both shades in the Dye Hard series offer full coverage, allowing you to achieve a more uniform appearance, add fullness to your beard, or cover up grey hairs effectively.

Key ingredients

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