Halo 22 (Outlet)

A revitalizing glow serum providing an energized and tan look.

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Halo 22 (Outlet)

Why it’s special

Natural glow booster through Caramel extract

A vitamin serum that rebuilds and maintains natural skin radiance and glow.

Evens out dark spots for a smoother skin tone.
Provides a vitamin boost for an energetic and healthy appearance.
Provides a tan look.

More than a feeling

Halo 22 in numbers

The active ingredients, supported by clinical trials, demonstrate proven benefits through the utilization of stem cell technology:

Reduction of dark spots
Improvement in skin roughness

How to use

How to apply Halo 22

Start by cleansing your face to remove any impurities and prepare the skin for optimal absorption.
Dispense a few drops of the serum onto your fingertips or palm.
Gently massage the serum into your facial area, using upward and circular motions. Ensure that you cover the entire face and distribute the serum evenly. Allow it to fully absorb before proceeding with a potential moisturizer.

More than a feeling

Key ingredients

Powered by the four ingredients: Luminia Granatum™, Caramel, Creatinine, and E-vitamin.

Key ingredient

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